《2R》是香港雙人女子組合Riches and Romance(簡稱R2)的專輯《First Love》,其合唱歌歌詞如下:

- 《Journey of our love》:

Putting on a brave face, making sure no one sees me crying.

Lying here lost and feeling blue. Trying my hardest not to miss you.

It’s so hard to face this new day without you here.

Time stands still, the world is spinning round.

- 《Promise》:

I can't promise I'll stay, I can't promise I'll go.

But if you ask me now, I'll try my best to show.

I'm sorry for the pain I caused, I'm sorry for the wrong I've done.

But if you give me a chance, I'll promise to be a better man.

- 《A Little Bit of Love》:

A little bit of love and it would last, a little bit of trust and we could last, a little bit of passion and it could last, yeah, forever.

I feel your heartbeat next to mine, in my skin, the memory is mine.

We said forever and meant it too, the way we kissed, the way we thrill.

But now we're drifting apart, it's time to let you know, I need a little bit of love.

- 《Forever》:

Forever is a long time, forever is a place in your heart.

Forever is a dream that lasts and never ends.

Forever is a wish that finds its way, forever is what we make of it.

So hold me close and say forever, let our love be forever mine.