a todo color歌詞

a todo color的歌詞如下:


It's on me

Taking it back to the early days

Back in the 90s

Straight up street rap for me

See I'm not saying

It was a dream, but we're making it now

Got them captivated with this rap that I flow

The city that never sleeps, and they know they're number one

You got me on my own, vibing to the sounds of a song

Oh I love this song

So now they in the booth, see them boys come to work

Blasting on my radio, ayo make some noise for the troops

When we ride around like carsnival with all them haters, ha,

Oh yeah we giving the homie some joy in this town now. Ayo watch the kids out their 15 or 16 watch they self now, on the loose and not being loyal to what's tru now, boys out here killing one another just to take control now. ,a bullet was flying at the boy I was with now, this world is a dangerous place. I'm trying to keep it positive with my life and my crew. so when they put us in a song. We got the song to show them. Let me break it down for yah. Ayo everybody grab a cup and take a toast to all the beautiful people in this world, I see you with a smile on your face when times get rough, no fear you are A Todo Color. I feel it when I look in your eyes. Ayo life is like a ride and you can't predict what you'll see,, in front of you,, and you behind you,, keep moving,, yeah,, a yo let the music play,, put your hands up in the air,, ayo you don't have to worry,, you are A Todo Color,, Ayo everybody grab a friend and give them a hug,, because life is beautiful,, and we are all A Todo Color,.

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