adele 愛黛兒 歌詞


1. "Hello":

Hello, it's me

I'm sorry but I need to speak to your father

I'm sorry, but he's not available right now

Can he call you back in an hour or so?

2. "Make You Feel My Love":

Moonlight and stars

Forever in my heart

You could be my hero

You could be my favorite song

3. "Set Fire to the Rain":

I was too proud

To realize I was losing you

And I was too lazy to change

But now I'm so tired of crying

4. "Water Under the Bridge":

It's amazing how you can love someone

And make them feel like they're perfect

And then they meet someone new and they think they're the most special

5. "All I Ask":

So I ask you just to let me be with you tonight

I know it don't mean a thing without a ring

But you can still take my heart

And lay it at your feet and all I ask is just one chance to love you.