adventure time歌詞 come

以下是《Adventure Time》的部分歌詞:

You don't have to worry

No, you don't have to doubt yourself

No matter what, you're not alone

No, no, no, no, no

I'm with you, we're on a journey

To the edge of time and space

To find the fountain of youth

And defeat the Ice King

Come on, let's explore the endless

And discover new things

With friends that we've made along the way

We'll face our fears and be heroes

When we rise up

And take flight, yeah

You'll never feel alone again

In adventure time

In a world where magic rules

And dangers lurk around every corner

But together we can overcome

The biggest challenge yet

Come on, let's race to the finish line

And break all the rules and regulations

So let loose, spread your wings and fly

Into the unknown for Adventure Time!