baby i need your loving歌詞

《Baby I Need Your Loving》的詞曲作者是K.D.Lang,演唱者是K.D.Lang。歌曲的英文詞句如下:

Baby I need your loving

All through the night

I'm feeling lonely

And I'm so blue

There's nothing I can do

My heart's on fire

But I'm too shy to let you know

What I really feel inside

You're the only one for me

The only girl I need in my life

So baby I need your loving

Day and night

To make me feel alright

I need your loving all the time

I've tried so hard to make you see

That you belong to me

I'm giving you my heart and soul

And if you just believe my dreams

You'll understand why I'm singing this song baby tonight

Baby I need your loving (All night)

So let me hold you tight (I feel)

Just tell me you're gonna be mine tonight (All night)

All night long (Just let me) (Let me hold you) (Gonna be mine) (Just a little bit more)