car crash歌詞

《Car Crash》的完整歌詞如下:


Last night I dreamt of you and I knew 我昨晚夢見了你,我明白了

You were with some one else and it caused me doubt 你和別人在一起,這讓我產生了疑惑

I wish that I could turn back time 我希望我能回過頭去

But there’s no way now 沒有辦法了


I don’t know what to do 我不知道該做什麼

Without you here with me 沒有你陪在我身邊

But I promise you this 但我向你保證

I’ll be stronger without a doubt 我會變得更強,毫無疑問


We keep on driving driving driving 我們在不停地開車,開車,開車

Through the rain and the wind and the weather 穿過雨和風和天氣

Trying to outrun all the pain 試圖逃離所有的痛苦

But we keep on crashing crashing 我們在不停地碰撞,碰撞


But I know that I’ll be alright 我明白我沒事

Cuz every storm is passing through 因為每一個暴風雨都只是暫時的

Baby when this cloud is done baby 當這個雲朵飄過後,親愛的

We’ll be back to what we do 我們將回到正常的生活


Girl we keep on driving 寶貝,我們在不停地開車

Trying to find a way to get over you 試圖找到一種方法來放下你

Girl we keep on crashing 寶貝,我們在不停地碰撞

Trying to break all the things that remind me of you 試圖打破所有能提醒我的東西


But now I’m standing alone 我獨自站立在這片土地上

Looking at the scenery 我望著遠處的風景

Thinking of what we had and now we don’t 想著我們曾經擁有現在不再擁有的東西

Maybe this is what I deserve maybe it’s my mistake 可能這就是我應得的懲罰,這是我犯的錯吧


I don’t know what to say 我不知道該說什麼好

This feeling inside of me is changing every day 這種內心的感覺正在日漸變化,一天天過去

And even though I know 我明白,儘管這樣的事實令人心碎和難受。我們會更強大,更好。我們要有信心和決心,一起面對未來的挑戰。我們會從這次挫折中學習,變得更加堅強。所以我們要相信自己的能力,相信我們能夠克服任何困難。無論何時何地,都要記住我們是最棒的!讓我們一起向前走,走向更美好的未來!加油!