cline dion歌詞

"Celine Dion" 的歌詞如下:

* 歌曲名:《My Heart Will Go On》(《我心永恆》)

* 歌詞內容:

* "Every night in my dreams" 每晚在夢裡

* "I see you, I feel you" 我看到你,我感覺到你

* "That dear dream that once was mine" 那親愛的夢想曾屬於我

* "But now I know it's far too soon" 但現在我知道還太早

* "To say goodbye" 來說再見

* "An empty house" 空房子

* "Without you" 沒有你

* "Just the memory of our time together" 只記得我們共度的時光

* "Lives on in me" 留存在我心底

* "And though I go" 雖然我會去

* "Wherever you may be" 無論你去哪裡

* "I know that my heart will go on loving you" 我知道我的心將繼續愛你

* "Just like the sun will always shine" 就如太陽總是明亮

* "On me" 照在我身上

* "So I say" 所以我說

* "Goodbye" 再見

* "But you也知道我還在思念你"

* "My heart will go on" 我的心將繼續愛你

* "As we said our last goodbye" 就像我們最後道別時那樣

* "It can be true" 這可能是真的

* "Someday I'll see you again" 有天我會再見到你