first of the year歌詞

《First of the Year》的英文歌詞如下:

Verse 1:

First of the year, feeling good

Got a smile on my face, can't be frowned

Got a new plan, gonna make it work

Life's a game, gotta play it right


First of the year, gonna change my life

Going up, gonna make a new high

Got my mind set on it, gonna make it happen

First of the year, gonna make a difference

Verse 2:

Gonna get that, gonna be that girl

All eyes on me now, no time to miss

To live fast, gotta push forward

Don't want pain, just want a little happiness

(Repeat Chorus)


Watch me now, my dreams are calling

Don't you want to ride the fast lane?

No looking back, my story's ahead

First of the year, gonna make it my best year.

(Repeat Chorus and end)