hush hush hush hush歌詞

"Hush hush hush hush" 的歌詞如下:

Hush, hush, hush, hush

Now it's time to rest

In a little while we'll stop this jostling

Come into the dreamland, drift into your heavenly rest

Come with me into dreamland, dear heart

There you will not have to stifle, Hush

英文的"hush" 和中文的"hush"在不同的語言中具有相同的字,但是用法可能略有不同。這句歌詞中"Hush hush hush hush" 的含義可能是在請求或者勸說對方安靜下來。歌詞的語境可以幫助理解歌詞的含義。