john cena出場樂歌詞

John Cena出場歌曲的歌詞是:

Yo, yo, yo, come and take a bow

Yo, yo, yo, it's your boy John Cena

Yo, yo, yo, I'm on the scene

Yo, yo, yo, with my crew and my brothers

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Let's go

Yo, I'm John Cena

I'm here to party

And I ain't tryna hurt nobody

Just come up in ya city

Let me chop up a slack piece of meat

Yo, the joint jumpin with brothers and hoes

Gonna give you a show, so watch your towels

'Cause it's that thang time again


Everybody rise (Yeah)

Yeah, this is for the kids (Kids)

The ones that keep it real (Real)

And never compromise (Never)

Yeah, they the realest (Realest)

So pass the ammunition (Ammunition)

We need to bust some shots (Shots)

And make the party people jump around (Jump around)

Yo, yo, yo, let me tell you something

You know what time it is (Yeah)

You know who we are (John Cena)

And we gon' bust a move on the floor (Floor)

So don't try to front for your girl (Girl)

Or play it cool like you don't want to get loose (Get loose)

Just let loose and have a good time (Good time)

And get down like you supposed to be here tonight (Yeah)

Yeah (Yeah)

Come on! (Everybody) Now who wanna fight? (Ohhh)

Bend down low, turn around and look right in my eye's (Right in my eye's)

Can you make it pop, now shake what you got and don't stop! (Ohhh)

Ain't a problem to drop it like it's hot! (Like it's hot)

Yeah (Yeah) John Cena! (John Cena)

Yeah (Yeah) John Cena! (Yo!) Get up! (Get up)

Yeah (Yeah) Yo Yo! (Yo Yo!) Get up! (Get up)

Yeah (Yeah) Let's go! (Let's go!) John Cena! (Yeah)