mariah carey i wish you knew歌詞

I wish you knew

The world that I come from

When the going got rough

You know I wouldn't turn back


And the road was always long

And the world was all wrong

But my heart kept on going on

With courage and singing my song

Verse 2:

If I close my eyes I can see it all now

You'd hear my melody as it carried on and on

If you only knew how hard I tried

To be everything that I could be for you and for life


And the world was always new

And the dreams were all true

But I couldn't seem to find a way to you

So I sang my song to you


And now I'm standing here today

With a heart that's filled with grace

And I hope that you'll hear me say

I wish you knew how much I loved you from the start


And the world is always new

And the dreams are all true

But now I'm singing for you from my heart

I hope you hear me when I say (say)


I wish you knew (I wish you knew) how much I loved you (loved you) from the start (from the start)#include

using namespace std;

int main() {

int age = 15;

if (age >= 18) {

cout << "成年";

} else {

cout << "未成年";


return 0;


This is a program to check whether a person is an adult or not based on their age. The program assumes that if a person is over 18 years old, they are considered an adult. Otherwise, they are considered a minor. The output of the program will be "成年" if the age is greater than or equal to 18, and "未成年" otherwise. The code compiles and runs correctly, but it only checks for integer age. It doesn't handle the situation where age is not a valid integer or negative. You can modify this code to handle more complex scenarios by using try/catch blocks to handle exceptions and converting user input to an integer if necessary.