my only girl歌詞

《My Only Girl》的詞曲創作由美國流行歌手Joy Williams完成,其歌詞如下:

Verse 1:

Yo, look at that my only girl

That's my only girl

Oh my gosh, you're so beautiful

I'm so in love with you


My only girl, my only girl

You're the only one for me

My only girl, my only girl

You're the best thing that ever happened to me

Verse 2:

You're my best friend, my everything

You make my life complete

You're so understanding and kind

And I'm so glad I found you



You know I'd walk through fire for you girl

You're so amazing, you're so incredible

You're my world, my heart, my everything

So baby don't ever leave me



My only girl, my only girl...