wish you were here歌詞意思

"Wish You Were Here" 的歌詞意思如下:


wish you were here 希望你在這裡

underneath the sand 希望你能在沙下

we've hidden all our things 我們藏起了所有的東西

we've left our footprints all along the way 我們沿途留下了足跡

wish you were here 希望你在這裡

in the cold light of the morning 在寒冷的早晨的光亮中

the memories seem to last forever 記憶似乎永不會褪色

they're all we've got to keep us warm 我們只有這些記憶來取暖

you said you'd always be around 你曾說過你永遠都在我們身邊

but now you're gone 如今你已經離開

we miss you so much 我們很想你

wish you were here 希望你在這裡

Now there's no one left 如今已無人在場

to fill the spaces 你已經離去,留下空白

and memories keep us alive 記憶使我們依然存在

wish you were here 希望你在這裡

It's been a year now, 已經過了一年

it doesn't seem like long enough 這段時間似乎還不夠長

to keep on missing you 一直想念你

we look for your face in every crowd 我們人群中尋找你的臉龐

and dream of a time when you'll return 夢想著某個時刻你會回來

if only for a moment 哪怕只有片刻也好

until then we'll just keep on hoping and wishing 直到我們繼續保持希望和幻想。