She Did the Same Thing歌詞

時長:03分52秒 歌手:Michael Bolton

Hedley - 321
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
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I heard a distant early warning
But I chose to ignore it
It came back and bit me
Seems like we're victims of bad timing
Cause you wanted more than I did
I can't give you what you need
She said "hold me, hold me, closely, closely"
That's when I should have ran
3.2.1, it's the final meltdown I want out now
I wish I would've known to doubt you
I'm better off alone without you
3.2.1, it's the same old story, love gets gory
Why'd we have to go and change things?
Now touching you is such a strange thing
I got so caught up in the moment
That I forgot what it all meant
But still I'd do it all again
You said, "no strings attached, I'm wild"
I didn't know you're in denial
And you became my ball and chain
She said, "hold me, hold

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