Everybody Loves Me, Baby歌詞

時長:03分34秒 歌手:Don Mclean

The One That Got Away
Tim Mcgraw
You got your head in your supper
And the eyes of your mother, baby
Locked on you
Everybody wants a piece of you, oh yeah
And your phone keeps ringing
Cause your cousin's singing at the local bar
Everybody wants to be a star
Just like you are
You kept your face in the gutter for years
Kept your eyes on the road
You always felt you were meant for me
Baby now you know
Everybody wants a glimpse of the one that got away
Everybody wants to see you
And everybody wants to be you too
It's funny how they put you down
But now they think you're alright
And everybody loves you now that
You're the one that got away
(the one that got away)
See you were raised in the town
Where the kids han

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