Gotta Get Away歌詞

時長:03分52秒 歌手:The Offspring[子孫]

LRC Produced By Prince William
Album:Us Against The World (CD Single)
Westlife-Get Away
I can't believe it happened to us
Tell me how did we get lost in it all
Maybe we could do with a change
And get back to yesterday
So pack your bags and sleep tight
Cause tomorrow babe,
we're gonna make it all right
It's gonna be all right, let's go
Gotta get away somehow now
Gotta find a way out of town
Gonna run away, there's no threat of doubt
Gotta get away now
Anyway you want, I don't care
Just as long as you are there
All I know is that
we can't stay another day
Gotta get away now
Gotta get away now
So call work and tell 'em you're done
Change your voice to I'm not home now?
A few days, it doesn't have to be long
Just enough to get some space now
So pack your bags and sleep tight
Cause to

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