The dream of the Unicorns歌詞

時長:06分13秒 歌手:Narsilion

Vanessa Carlton - Winter
Album: Harmonium
Half a week before the winter
The chill bites before it comes
And I'm a child of the pleasure
Daddy brings before he runs
He sits behind a desk of mahogany
He whispers dreams into my ear
And though I've givin him his empire
He delivers me my fear
The unicorns are riding high
Powerful in coats of white
I turn to look and burn my eyes
I carry on, I carry all the weight of empty promise
As I stand swallowed by the light
Flickering above the highway
I hold my head and know the streets are mine tonight
The vampires are growing tired
The coats of white all turn to red
My heart burns with desire
I carry on, I carry on
We turn to look and burn our eyes
I carry on, I carry
I carry on
We carry on