Tonight I Celebrate My Love歌詞

時長:03分08秒 歌手:鋼琴合輯

Celebrate feat. Cloud9Noa作詞:Cloud9作曲:岡部波音Leggo OK Here I go Step one two I got my flowI feel your vibe imma take it slow you ready for this come on let's goCheck OK Here u go Step three four u got ur flowso get up get up get up get up ohget up get up get up get up ohwus up how you doin girl came over to holla at you girldamn girl you look so fine so sexy imma make u minewhatchu want whatchu want whatchu wanna dowhatchu say whatchu say whatchu say booif you come and ride with me imma make it worth your wildWhen i stepped in the club your the first girl that caught my eyesthe way you looked the way you danced so beautiful blew my mindit's gonna be amazing nightWhen i stare into your eyes my heart just stops for a momentcause your so wonderfulcelebrate let's all celebrate tonight throw ur glass up in the skyI feel the same way when i stare into y