gravity of love歌詞

時長:03分59秒 歌手:Enigma

Esmee Denters - Gravity
@ 活在當下 製作
Hmmm, yeaahh
Hmmm, Hmmm…
Can anybody tell me why
I feel like I just lost control
And I make it back no matter how hard I try
There is not a way to say goodbye
and I don′t even know if I wanna go
If you lied
if you couldn′t say there is nothing just don′t feel right
Well, we keep talking and talking
while there′s nothing come out of it
And I know that I can make you see the way I feel
Well now my heart is broken
and I just can′t make any sense of it
All I know is your everything that's real
This aint the way that it supposed to be
that you're in love.
You got me stuck here in the crowd.
Everything feels heavy
and I keep carrying away for the both of us
The Gravity is holding me down
I can't move (ooh!