Work This Out - High School Musical 2 Cast歌詞

時長:03分04秒 歌手:歌舞青春

☆High School Musical 2 Cast All For One☆
☆ qianjunyifa
The summer that we wanted
Yeah,we finally got it!
Now's the time we get to share
Each day we'll be together
Now until forever
So everybody,everywhere
Let's take it to the beach
Take it together
Let's celebrate today
'cause there'll never be another
We're stronger this time
been there for each other
Everything's just right
Everybody all for one
A real summer has just begun!
Let's rock and roll and just let go
feel the rhythm of the drums
We're gonna have fun in the sun
Now that all the hard work,work is done!
Everybody,one for all and all for one!
All for one,one!
Summertime together,
Now we're even closer
That's the way it's meant to be
Oh,we're just getting started
Come and join the party
You deserve it,