Bet On It - Troy歌詞

時長:03分20秒 歌手:歌舞青春

☆Troy Bet On It☆
☆ qianjunyifa
Everybody's always talking at me
Everybody's trying to get in my head
I wanna listen to my own heart talking
I need to count on myself instead
Did you ever?
Loose yourself to get what you want
Did you ever?
Get on a ride and wanna get off
Did you ever?
Push away the ones you should've held close
Did you ever let go?
Did you ever not know?
I'm not gonna stop,that's who I am
I'll give it all I got,that is my plan
Will I find what I lost?
You know you can
Bet on it,bet on it
I wanna make it right,that is the way
To turn my life around,today is the day
Am I the type of guy who means what I say?
Bet on it,bet on it
How will I know if there's a path worth taking?
Should I question every move I make?
With all I've lost my heart is breaking
I don't wanna make th