時長:04分57秒 歌手:Blue

It’s funny how it starts, just how it al
l begins.
You get your sights on dreams, and man a
thousand different things.
You are on for yourself, you’re chasing
cool desire.
You get addicted fast, but man you’re pl
aying with fire.
Then there’s a day that comes to you.
When you get all you want, but there’s a
space inside that’s still as empty as it
Till an angel comes your way and man she
’s fallin fast.
You know she’s so in need but she is to
afraid to ask.
So you hold on out your hands and catch
her best you can.
And in givin it love you feel a better m
*And the gift is what you get by givin m
ore than you receive.
And you’re learning fast that maybe this
is how you’ll be happy.
Cause in taking everything you lost, the
air you need to breath