時長:03分32秒 歌手:Leona Lewis

Hawthorne Heights - Drive
If you cut me, I will bleed
Just enough to get your attention
Here I am, I'm on display
Pass me by without a mention
You never said this would be easy
It doesn't have to be so hard
My eyes are burning, my head is dizzy
A thousand miles don't seem so far
Drive, a thousand miles, it doesn't seem so far
What you leave behind makes you who you are
Drive, just drive, roll the windows down and feel alive
All night, all right, I'll drive until the morning light
I need the silence to escape your violent eyes...
Just drive away, just drive
Spend an hour or a day, just enough to get my attention
As the wolves begin to play, here's a knife to cut the tension
All the nights seem dark and dreary
The morning sun begins with hope
Sometimes I wonder if you can hear me
Or have I reached the end of the rope?


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