時長:03分14秒 歌手:Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa - Optimist
@ 活在當下 製作
Its over Its over
Youre like the defintion of negative
Always complainin your such a pestimist
Your cup is half empty
Im just so sick of it
I got a different perspective
My copies level
My sky is never gray
You cant bring be down anymore baby
My future is bright
Cant wait to face the day
Theres one thing you should know about me
Im a optimist
Im so positive
That youll never get another chance with me baby
Im a optimist
Im so positive
That your chances blown boy your gon spread your negativity
Youre such a downer
Youre never satisfied
You keep on giving your face or silver line
On the horizon so boy dont even try
Injectin me with your negative vibes
My copies level

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