Black Shoe歌詞

時長:06分05秒 歌手:Eternal Morning (Tab

Gallows - Black Eyes
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
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I keep a fresh razor blade in the sole of my shoe
It helps when I get stuck thinking of you.
Hands and knees
Head on the floor.
Doubled up.
So sore.
Everything is falling apart.
I stopped living when I drained my heart
Cracked ribs.
Split lips.
I know where you live.
Everything is turning black
They ate my bones so you can't go back
Clawed feet.
Black beaks.
I know where you live.
Drink the poison.
Trace the veins
Your saviours will not be saved.
You got the devils mouth and it's full of lies.
Black eyes.

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