These Are the Days o歌詞

時長:04分14秒 歌手:皇后樂隊

O-Town - These Are The Days
Motel sitting in the dark
Empty room like an empty heart
Love will start but they never stay
They don't look back as they drive away
Maybe I
Fix this broken head light
Feeling the cracks and pain arise
And maybe love will stop here tonite
And if she knocks on my door
i'll give her the key
Just one look in her eyes and i know i'll be
Everything that she sees in me
More than i ever thought i could be but
These are the days
When all that i can do is dream
But i don't wanna spend forever
living in the in between
I'm stuck here in a place without love
And i just can't let it stay this way
But for now i'm gonna have to face it
These are the days
Gotta use this lonely ti