Raindrops on you face歌詞

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Between The Raindrops-Lifehouse & Natasha Bedingfield
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Lifehouse & Natasha Bedingfield
Look around(環顧四周)
There’s no one but you and me(只有我和你)
Right here and now(此時此刻)
The way it it was meant to be(一切完美無比)
There’s a smile on my face(我臉上洋溢著微笑)
Knowing that together everything that’s in our way(想著我們將要相守一生)
Were better than alright(我們就是天合之作)
Walking between the raindrops(一切走過風雨)
Riding the aftershock we stand cool(與你同甘共苦)
Off into the sunset(共賞夕陽餘暉)
Living like there’s nothing left to lose(無憂無慮認真活著)
Chasing after gold mines(追逐生活的寶藏)
Crossing the fine lines we knew(打破束縛我們的條框)
Hold on and take a breath(勇敢點,深呼吸)
I’ll be here every step(我會一直陪你左右)
Walking between the raindrops with you(與你相守,風雨無阻)
Natasha Bedingfield:
Take me now(和我一起面對)
The world’s such a crazy place(世界已經瘋狂)