Till The End (插曲 於皓之歌詞

時長:03分56秒 歌手:鬥魚

All this precise moment
With you by my side
Must be a gift from heaven
That s holding me all night
I don t know how I found you
I am thankful that I have
That I have a love so true
To hold to keep to share
In my heart
I can no longer hold inside
All of the love I used to hide
I ll always be with you until the very end
In this world
There is no place I ve never been
You are my life my soul my girl
And through the all
I know you come to see
That you are the one till the end
(We ll always be till the end )
All my friends around me
Say you ll be gone too soon
Baby I m gona make them see
We ll find out way back home