Night Fever歌詞

時長:03分33秒 歌手:Bee Gees

We got the Rufgees All-Stars rubba dubbin‘ in the club
Wyclef Jean, John Forte, Prizewell.
Nah mean the streets are gettin‘ a little crazy...
Looka looka looka looka
Looka here looka shorty got back
should I ask her for a dance, hold on theres too many in a wolf pack
and besides Dirtycash talkin‘ ta her
buyin‘ her fake furs and takin‘ her to the fever
quite as his kept that ain‘t even his Benz
she spends his franklins at the malls with her friends
material girl, livin‘ in a material world
but it‘s alright cuz it‘s Saturday night
so mista funkmasta pump the Bee -Gees
and all you college students bring your ouija‘s
check the spellin‘ R E-F U G E-E get the cd from Sam Goody tee he he
You ain‘t even close wit the rhymes that you wrote
don‘t be mad cause you broke
let me clear my throat, ah huh ah huh
John Forte, grab the mic roots and sway it this way
I more than just a rhymer, you still a small timer
hopin‘ that the game

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