White Lines歌詞

時長:02分53秒 歌手:Feeder

Duran Duran
Thank You
White Lines
White lines
Vision dreams of passion
(Going through my mind)
And all the while I think of you
A very strange reaction
(Yours to unwind)
The more I see, the more I do
Something of a phenomenon, telling your body to come along
Cause White Lines blow away
Ticket to ride a white-line highway - tell all your friends they can go
my way
Pay your toll, sell your soul - pound for pound it costs more than gold
The longer you stay, the more you pay - my white lines go a long way
Either up your nose or through your vein - with nothing to gain except
killing your brain
Freeze! (say rock, come on y'all) - Rock! (say freeze, come on!)
Aaaaah... Higher baby, get higher baby, get higher baby - and don't ever
come down... Free base!
(pure as the driven snow)
connected to my mind
(and now I'm