Do You Wanna Play歌詞

時長:03分58秒 歌手:林凡

Do you wanna play
Do you wanna play?
@ Do you wanna play
First time that I saw you boy,
you look so good to me
yeah Everything about you baby,
the way we talk, the way love's movin'
Called you up but you were not home, baby
can't you see yeah
I'm alone sitting by the phone,
need to get you down with me
You get me going on,
you make me lose my mind
I'm so involved and boy I want(need/want) you all the time
(Do you wanna play)
Got a little mind game with you
(Are you the one for me)
I feel you baby
(Do you wanna play)
I came to show that I adore you
(Are you the one for me)
Or are you playin' with me
Nah Nah Nah Nah
Baby You're my everything,
you mean the world to me
I like the way you hold me baby