時長:03分40秒 歌手:Ke$ha

Blow Up - Sammy AdamsI’ve been workin’ all night, manWhat’s a young kid gotta do to blow upThis life’s becoming somethin’ i can’t standTell those people go home i don’t wanna grow upI drank too much again last night, damnWoke up with a hangover time to roll upBeen workin’ so hard can’t they understand,So many kids like me, we just wanna blow up,blow up, blow up, blow up,Blow up, blow upYeah, we just wanna blow upI just wanna prove a teacher wrongTell them that my own degreedidn’t help me write a songOnly payin’ attention of the girlwith the thong, and the skirt so shortIt’s like she barely has a lawnAnd uh, sick of hearin’bout my alcohol abuses and makin’ up extravagantExcuses, they’re uselessSo deuces to the classroom,welcome to your dreams that made you without aMajor, homie, welcome to the teamI’ve been workin’ all ni