The best mistake ive ever made歌詞

時長:04分13秒 歌手:王若琳

One step too far
All at once I m falling
Just like a star
I m buring for you
Thought I could keep myself from feeling this way
I guess that was my first mistake
Cause suddenly I m walking
Down a dark street to your door
Wanting you is driving me insane
And now my feet are standing
Where they ve never stood before
Guided by a twist of fate
If I lose myself with you tonight
Fall apart or hold on tight
Wrong or right I won t be afraid
Cause even if my heart should break
You d be the best mistake I ever made
I m in your room
Now there s no denying
What s in your eyes
When I look at you
To shadows talking but they don t make a sound
Words have lost their meaning now
And the air has turned electric
Now I know the time is right
To put myself into your hands
And suddenly I m shaking
As your fingers touch my skin
I don t need to understand
But If I l