Lost in Paradise 瀰漫在城市風塵中的優雅歌詞

時長:03分15秒 歌手:王若琳

[ar:Joanna Wang]
[ti:Lost In Paradise]
[al:Start From Here]
[00:00.00]Lost in Paradise
[00:01.45]編曲:David Leu
[00:01.75]作詞:Peter Sven Kvint/Vincent Degiorgio
[00:01.95]作曲::Peter Sven Kvint/Vincent Degiorgio
[00:02.56]演唱:Jonna Wang
[00:08.31]I know that it might sound strange
[00:12.57]But you made my seasons start to change
[00:16.87]It happened so suddenly
[00:21.00]Like heaven has waited up for me
[00:28.02]I ve just been lookin so long
[00:30.21]Kept meeting my Mr.Wrong
[00:32.46]In every model and every size
[00:36.93]Now my fantasy
[00:38.79]Is staring at your eyes
[00:44.75]Sometimes you think I m beautiful
[00:47.90]But I don t know
[00:50.10]I ll keep it to myself
[00:53.30]You say it
[00:54.10]It feels wonderful
[00:56.46]My smile can show
[00:58.61]I m lost in paradise