out from under歌詞

時長:03分54秒 歌手:布蘭妮

Breath you out
Breath you in
You keep coming back to tell me
You re the one who could have been
And my eyes see it all so clear
It was long ago and far away but it never disappears
I try to put it in the past
Hold on to myself and don t look back
I don t wanna dream about
All the things that never were
Maybe I can live without
When I m out from under
I don t wanna feel the pain
What good would it do me now
I ll get it all figured out
When I m out from under
So let me go
Just let me fly away
Let me feel the space between us growing deeper
And much darker every day
Watch me now and I ll be someone new
My heart will be unbroken
It will open up for everyone but you
Even when I cross the line
It s like a lie I ve told a thousand times
And part of me still believes
When you ay you re gonna stick around
And part o