時長:03分31秒 歌手:布蘭妮

artist: britney spears
album:lucky (uk cd maxi pt.2)
i know ive been hard on you
im sorry for the things ive put you through
before you start to break on me or ask for sympathy
i need to make you see
ho, heart,
im not sure its been long enough
to say that what i feel is really love
theres just one way to learn,
sometimes we will get it earned
and right now its our turn
give it time,
help me through
we can do this together
youre my strength,
youre my soul
i need you now more than ever
all the hurt will soon be gone
if youll,
if youll just keep on being strong
you will always be my friend,
so keep on hangin then
and well find love again
give it time (give it time),
help me through (help me through)
we can do this together
youre my strength (youre my strength),
youre my s