Better In Time 最好的時光歌詞

時長:03分55秒 歌手:Leona Lewis

It s been the longest winter
without you
I didn t know where to turn to
See somehow i can t forget you
After all that we ve been through
Going ,Coming
Thought i heard a knock
Thinking that (I deserve it)
Now i have realised
that i really didn t knooOooOw
If you didn t notice
You mean everything
(quickly I m learning)
To love again (all i know is)
I m be oooOook
Thought i couldn t live without you
It s going to hurt when it heals too
Oh yeaah
(It ll All get better in time)
Even though i really love you
I m gonna smile because i deserve too
Oooh(It ll all get better in time)
I could of turned on the TV
Without something that would
remind me
Was it all that easy?
To just put us out your feeling
If i m dreamin
Don t want to let it
(hurt my feelings)
But that s the past (i believe it)
And i know that, time will heal it

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