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Pussycat Dolls - Magic
卜超 製作
Pick a card any card that's what he told me
I took it to rodeo and it worked like magic for me
Spa massage a lap of the lux
His' and her's flying spurs automatical rush
I'm charming, don't charm I'm on a chain
Don't hate me hate the game
I can wave my hand and like that
Now we all alone
Just like that your mine
Like magic magic magic
With just one blink of an eye
Like magic magic magic
I know I caught you by surprise
Like magic magic magic
Won't be the same outfit tonite
Like magic magic magic
Like Magic
Na na na na na-na
Now you see, now you don't
I got this trick to show ya
Disappear when he act upon ya
For you know I'll be alright up on ya
Juicy coutures and night at the bars
Turning back -
Valet lift up the door
I'm charming