Hit by a feeling歌詞

時長:04分21秒 歌手:Michael Learns to Ro

(Jascha Richter/Johan Stentorp)
I′ve been looking for an angle
For a shortcut to your mind
There′s no point for us to wrangle
So baby here′s the bottom line (Here it goes)
I know you never left me when you ran away
'Cause I can tell you missed me more than you will say
Suddenly the sky turns blue I′m hit by a feeling
Whenever I am close to you my troubles fade away
Suddenly the wind gets warm I′m finally breathing (tonight)
That is how I know where I belong - you will always be the one
If you′re ever feeling lonely
And you ever change your mind
You know I never blamed you for being brave
When I was way too scared to face the mess we′d made
Whereever I go and whatever I do
I'm always reaching out for you
I am still reminded how we sat in silence
And you smiled at me and s

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