Better Off Alone歌詞

時長:06分27秒 歌手:DJ舞曲-獨一無二

歌曲:Better Off Alone
演唱:Marie Digby
marissa 製作
I was naive not to let you
go when the time was right
I was a fool living
in a dream that
I thought could last
But I know that you will
try to prove me wrong
But it's what I've got to do
I think you're mistaken,
I'm sorry to say
I'm really just a loser
who's getting in your way
I think you've forgotten,
all of your plans
See you never meant
to be here
And I think you should know
You're better off alone
And it's clear to me that
everything has changed
Cuz nothing that we do
feels the same any more
And I'll admit,
I'll take the blame
Maybe we just moved too fast
And how could expect
something like this to last
And I know that you will try
and prove me wrong
But it's what I gotta do