BLUE 完整版歌詞

時長:03分53秒 歌手:Bigbang

when i hear your voice over the line
all i wanna do is to keep you on my mind
i only had one die
how long
don't wanna play the fool
how did we en up like this baby
just wanna play a cool
i knew always promise
rap:won't you tell me baby boo what you want what you need may be
i'll be the one that you need till die baby
let me tell you about the things that you don't realize
so let me televize my love so you can fantasize
conjuction-function but look at the situation
don't waste a time let's have conversation
it's kind of sad but that's our only option
let's keep it down low till i get there ur
rap:yeah that's how it is as i keep on reminess
you know i keep it real on yes we've go to deal with this
but i'm sick of this
pocker face acting stupid fot the show biz gee biz but wait i'll