2pac life goes on中文歌詞

《2pac Life Goes On》的中文歌詞如下:

Life goes on, 生命不息

I'm still livin', 我依然活著

And I ain't leavin' 我不想離開

Even though my body's layin' 即使我的身體躺下

In the ground, 躺在土裡

My spirit's still around, 我的靈魂依然存在

My spirit's still around, 我的靈魂依然在身邊

Mortal sin, 人生的錯誤

Life gone wrong, 生活失去了方向

So many wrongs, 錯誤的太多

That I've been wrong, 我曾是錯誤的

So many deaths, 死亡如此之多

That I musts pay the cost, 我必須付出代價

I keep on movin', 我繼續前行

Even though my life is lost, 即使我的生命失去了

But now my spirit lives again, 但現在我的靈魂再次復活

Through the music that I make, 通過我創作的音樂

And though my life may be brief, 雖然我的生命可能短暫

I know that it's a test, 我知道這是考驗

I had to be the best that I could be, 我必須做最好的自己

I may have paid in blood, 我可能用血作為代價

But now I have to give, 但現在我必須給予

Life another chance to survive. 讓生命有機會生存下去。