3oh3 rip歌詞


I know a girl, oh oh

And she cries in the night

She said, "Daddy, I'm broken

And I need your light"


And you're only here for a moment

And your eyes don't believe it

When she's up and she's over

You don't even recognize it

But 3 oh 3

Just the devil on my shoulder

Oh oh oh oh

Screaming down my throat

And when you take her out walking

With your arm around her neck

It's a fatal embrace, my friend

Oh oh oh oh

It's just the devil on your shoulder

And he's screaming down your throat


But when she cries it's your name on her lips

She's so over it, over it, over it

But you keep the light on

But you keep the light on

And you know what it means

But you keep the light on

And you keep the light on

Oh oh oh oh