a little bit country歌詞

《A Little Bit of Country》的歌詞如下:

I like my whiskey hot

And my women sweet

A little bit of country

In the corner of my mouth

When I was young

I used to roam

But I found my home

In the gentle country ground

I like my TV real big

And my couch real soft

A little bit of country

Right down to my feet

Oh when the sun goes down

And the candles come out

You know I'm gonna need

A little bit more country in my house

A little bit of country in my soul

A little bit of sweet tea in my cup

A little bit of chicken in my biscuits

A little bit of love from my home girl on the top

When the world gets too big

And it's all too much

Just put on your boots

And come on and grab a horse

A little bit of cowboy spirit in your spine

A little bit of reckless in your dreams

You know you're from here

When you start singing this song again

以上就是《A Little Bit of Country》的歌詞,這首歌充滿了鄉村風情,是一首非常好聽的歌曲。