ali hurt傷痕歌詞

"Ali hurt" 是一首傷感情歌,其歌詞如下:

I can't forget the memories of you and me

Even though time flies so fast

Ali hurt, like a scar on my heart

Every time I see it, I feel sad

I remember the warmth of your embrace

And the tears that we both shed

Ali hurt, it reminds me of you

Every time I hear it, I feel lonely

It was love that once filled our hearts

But now it's gone, like a dream in the night

Ali hurt, like a reminder of the past

Every time I feel it, I feel lost

I wish I could turn back time

And erase all the pain that we caused

But alas, it's too late now

Ali hurt, still haunts me in my dreams

So let me go, let me leave you behind

Forget about the past and start again

Ali hurt, it's time to let it go

And find a new beginning for me and you