burl ives go tell aunt rhody歌詞

以下是《Burl Ives Go Tell Aunt Rhody》的歌詞:

Burl Ives go tell Aunt Rhody

That the waves are up and the tide is out

And the ocean's roaring like a lion

And the ocean's full of crocodiles

And the ocean's got a big old net

And they're all waiting for you there

So go tell Aunt Rhody

Oh, Aunt Rhody, she's a pretty sight

With her hair all done up in a bun

And her nails painted red with a pretty shade of varnish

She wears a pretty dress that was given to her by her mother

She wears it to go walking in the sun

Oh, Aunt Rhody, she's a pretty sight

Now I ain't a fearful child

But the ocean, it's just too big and wide

With sharks and alligators and crocodiles in it

It's no place for a child like me

So I ask you Burl Ives, you that are a brave one

Go tell Aunt Rhody, go on, don't be scared

Tell her it's better to be here at home with me

Than to be lost out there on the rolling sea

Now if you'll please go tell Aunt Rhody

About these things that I have said to you

I will take you out to tea with me

And we'll have a little scone and jam

And we'll talk about old times and things that we remember

And we'll laugh and we'll sing and we'll dance together

Oh, Burl Ives, go tell Aunt Rhody.