golden slumbers carry that weight the end歌詞

《Golden Slumbers》的完整歌詞如下:

Carry that weight, carry that weight

I'll sleep when I'm dead

Just nod your head if you understand

You don't have to speak

You're in a dream land

It's golden slumbers, golden slumbers my bed

Then an ev'ry day of golden slumbers dead

Let me rest in peace, for I have work to do

But until then I keep on trucking along, chug-a-chug-a

Let me sleep till my dying day

No fear of the night time to break me down

So sleep in the golden sun with my gold up in my bed.

There are other words you could say

And it doesn't take much to awaken me.

And now that you know you don't need me

Golden slumbers.

你問的這首歌是披頭四的《Golden Slumbers》,這是一首非常溫馨的歌,描述了作者希望他的愛人能好好休息,就像躺在金黃色的搖籃裡一樣,也許是因為太過疲憊,愛人總是睡不著,作者希望她能好好休息,讓他可以幫她完成未完成的事情。這首歌也讓人感到溫暖和安詳。