As Long As You Love Me歌詞

時長:03分34秒 歌手:Backstreet Boys

As Long As You Love Me - Brinley AddingtonAs long as I've known you,honey I've loved youAnd I'm gonna try to tell you tonightKnees don't you fail me,heart don't you scare me.I've never been this sure in all of my lifeAs long as I've felt it, baby I've held itClose to my chest, in the back of my heartAnd girl I'm done waiting, no hesitatingNo more not sayin' wherever you areI always knew you were out there somewhereIf you take me with you, I'll go anywhereIf the world turns against me,it's all worth the fightAs long as you love me, I'll be alrightAs long as you love me, I'll be alrightAs long as you're with me,the more that you kiss meThe wilder and deeper my love for you growsBaby I mean it, it's just like I dreamed itI'm gonna love you forever and moreI always knew you were o

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