Please Please Me歌詞

時長:02分03秒 歌手:The Beatles

Sasha - Please Please Please
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
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Everybody's talking but I'm out of attention.
I can only feel the information passing by.
I'm deep inside a bubble and there's no one here to shout me out.
The storm inside my head got me tossing and turnin'.
Each and every night I've been a victim of my brain.
I know I gotta take a rest but I just don't know how!
My twisted universe just won't let me go!
Finally got me on my knees.
Please! Please! Please!
I don't need another night like that.
Please! Please! Please!
Leave me alone and don't you dare to come back!
I don't want you!
You just came to keep me awake.
Just to murder my sheets so
Please! Please! Please!
Let me sleep!
This is what I call a case of mind over matter.
Locked up in the bedroom with the world to change.

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