Silence Speaks歌詞

時長:04分37秒 歌手:Secret Garden

Dune Tran - Silence
LRC: 朱古力 製作
Silence can be so loud
When we're driving alone
Whether we were to admit
Grey skies ahead
Would not have saved us from this
This fate
Silence can be so loud
When there's nothing left to say
I walk on unsolid ground
I opened my mouth no sound came out
The storm's here and you're nowhere to be found
One love left behind
She walks among a seas of lies
Shadows in her eyes
Speaks in riddles black and white
We've walked along this path many times
All I see are shattered pieces of promises
From petals to eggshells to glass
you can't keep
Silence can be so loud
Not enough to drown the noise
I can't find piece since you've left
While I sink to this depth
No rainbows shine to show me the way
The way out
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